Celan Energy

Our clean energy projects.

Investing in a photovoltaic plant is a great way to make a secure investment with a long-term secure income and a relatively quick return on investment.

We offer complete structuring of projects for the construction of photovoltaic power plants up to 200 kW. from A to Z.

If you have the financial means, but you do not know how or do not deal with the procedure for building a photovoltaic plant, then we can help you.

Seven steps to your project:

  1. We will offer you a suitable property based on our experience.
  2. We will prepare all documents for the preparation of the property for research and application for the construction of a photovoltaic park.
  3. We will submit all documents for all stages in the Electricity Operator.
  4. We will prepare all electrical and architectural projects.
  5. We will fulfill all the requirements for the respective municipality to obtain a building permit.
  6. If the client wishes, we can also assist in the delivery and installation of the power plant itself.
  7. Preparation of the necessary documents for signing a preliminary and final contract with the Electricity Operator.

We have 3 built own projects and 6 prepared and sold to our clients.